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The 60CM DTF Printer with Shake Powder Machine Epson i1600 head

The 60CM DTF Printer with Shake Powder Machine Epson i1600 head

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Elevate Your Printing Capabilities with the Innovative T620 DTF White Ink Printer

In this product, select your DTF printer with an excellent power shaker dryer according to your needs and budget.

Revolutionize Your Business Model

  • Affordable Investment, Significant Returns: Unlock the potential for substantial profits with a minimal upfront investment. Enter the lucrative world of high-quality printing without the financial strain.
  • Streamlined Manufacturing, No Plates Required: Embrace the simplicity of direct-to-film printing. This method eliminates the need for traditional plate-making, facilitating a more efficient production process.

Unparalleled Quality and Precision

  • Vivid Full-Color Printing with Realistic Effects: Achieve breathtaking gradients and lifelike prints with zero waste. The T620 ensures stable performance and pinpoint accuracy in every job.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Designed for simplicity, a single operator can manage multiple machines, saving considerable manpower and resource costs. Continuous innovation and development add even more value to your operations.
  • Advanced Color Management Software: Utilize cutting-edge software to perfectly capture and replicate complex design styles, ensuring your prints stand out in the market.

Dive Deeper into the T620 60cm Printer

Essential Specifications

  • Model: The T620 is specifically designed for 60cm wide printing, accommodating a broad range of project requirements.
  • Printing Width: Supports printing materials up to 600mm wide, offering versatility for various applications.
  • Media Compatibility: Excellently suited for offset heat transfer film, the T620 can handle diverse materials from nylon to leather, expanding your market reach.
  • Speed and Accuracy: Print with high resolution up to 2880Dpi and speeds reaching 9.5m/H, enhancing your production efficiency.

Advanced Features for Optimal Performance

  • Dual i3200 Print Heads: Achieve brilliant colors and deep whites for sharp, vibrant images every time.
  • Comprehensive Print Assist Tools: Benefit from features like plate heating and ink circulation that reduce downtime and improve print quality.
  • Space-Saving PC Assembly: The integrated computer and monitor bracket save valuable space, making it ideal for smaller work environments.
  • Automated Systems: Simplify your workflow with auto-lifting, feeding, and ink management functions, from start to finish.

Environmental and Technical Considerations

  • Optimal Operating Environment: Designed to perform best in temperatures of 15-30°C with humidity levels between 35-65%.
  • Energy Efficiency: Operating on standard voltage with a power consumption of 800W, the T620 is both powerful and environmentally friendly.

Dimensions and Portability

  • Compact and Convenient: Its design ensures easy installation and mobility within any workspace.
  • Lightweight Design: Despite its advanced capabilities, the T620 is surprisingly lightweight, making setup and relocation a breeze.

The T620 is not just a printer; it's a gateway to expanding your digital textile printing business. Embrace efficiency, quality, and innovation.

Our DTF Printer Selection

DTF Printer Only

The ideal choice for those in need of a basic, yet powerful direct-to-film printing solution, without the fuss of additional accessories.

DTF Printer with Enhanced Power Shaker SD650

  • Experience innovation with the NEW 60cm DTF Shaker, boasting touch screen functionality.
  • Maximum film width support of 60cm (24 inches).
  • Upgraded tunnel mesh belt design prevents film from sticking.
  • Features both horizontal and vertical drying tunnels, enhancing the curing process with a longer 660mm drying stroke.
  • Mobility-friendly design, easily passing through 80cm wide doorways.
  • Compact build significantly cuts down on shipping costs.
  • Revolutionary powder control system reduces labor and minimizes powder waste.

DTF Printer with Enhanced Power Shaker SC450

  • 60cm DTF Shaker equipped with a touch screen interface.
  • Supports a maximum film width of 60cm (24 inches).
  • Enhanced tunnel mesh belt design to eliminate powder sticking issues.

DTF Printer with Enhanced Power Shaker D650

  • 60cm DTF Shaker featuring touch screen control.
  • Accommodates films up to 60cm (24 inches) wide.
  • Improved tunnel mesh belt and extended drying tunnel for superior curing effects.

DTF Printer with Enhanced Power Shaker SC720

  • Introducing the NEW 60cm DTF Shaker with a conveyor belt system and touch screen/electric box.
  • Supports films up to 60cm (24 inches) in width.
  • Belt conveyor and touch screen operation for enhanced printing efficiency.

DTF Printer with Enhanced Power Shaker Sh650 + Conveyor Belt

  • 60cm DTF Shaker complemented by a conveyor belt and touch screen/electric box.
  • Max film width of 60cm (24 inches).
  • Equipped with a belt conveyor, LCD touch screen, and a 650mm drying tunnel for improved drying and curing.

DTF Printer with Enhanced Power Shaker DP650 + Conveyor Belt

  • The NEW 60cm DTF Shaker with a stylish conveyor belt in green and black.
  • Features a conveyor belt and a new color screen for streamlined operation.
  • Boasts a 700mm drying tunnel for enhanced curing, lower energy consumption, and an innovative powder control tray.

DTF Printer with Enhanced Power Shaker DH650 + Conveyor Belt

  • 60cm DTF Shaker with a conveyor belt, designed for space and cost efficiency.
  • Includes a conveyor belt and a new color touch screen with optional voice control.
  • Extended dual drying tunnels (horizontal+vertical) ensure a longer drying stroke, precise temperature control, and superior curing.

Select the configuration that aligns with your operational requirements and propel your printing endeavors to new heights with our versatile and cutting-edge solutions.

Technical Specifications of the T620 60cm White Ink Printer


60cm White Ink Printer T620

Print Width:


Print Media:

Offset heat transfer film

Suitable for Transfer Media:

  • Nylon
  • Chemical fiber
  • Cotton
  • Leather
  • Swimsuit
  • Diving suit
  • PVC
  • EVA

Print Head:

Epson i1600x2

Print Configuration:

Color + white (CMYK + WWWW)

Printing Accuracy:


Print Speed:

  • 7.5m/H, 6 Pass
  • 5.5 m/H, 8 Pass

Print Assist:

  • Front and rear arc plate heating
  • Platform suction
  • White ink circulation and stirring, all with ink shortage alarm
  • Anti-collision of nozzle
  • One key automatic cleaning
  • Integrated auto-lifting ink station
  • Built-in computer and monitor combined bracket, saving space
  • Multi-function operation keyboard

PC Assembly Function:

Built-in computer and monitor combined bracket, saving space

Automatic Lever Lifting and Paper Pressing Function:

One key automatic lifting pressure bar for platform feeding

Paper Shortage Alarm Function:

  • Automatic alarm when waste ink bottle is full
  • Paper shortage alarm during printing, automatic stop printing

Automatic Feeding Function:

Automatic tension discharging with probe induction

Platform Suction:

Adjustable suction size

Print Interface:

Gigabit network port

RIP Software:

Standard PrintFactory (Maintop optional)

Operating System:

Windows 7, Windows 10

Temperature and Humidity:

Optimal Operating Environment: 15-25°C, 35-65%

Electrical Parameters:

Rated voltage: 50Hz/60Hz, 220V 3.6A, 110V 7.2A
Rated power: 800W

Size and Weight:

Machine: 1336mm x 658mm x 1400mm, Net Weight: 154kg
Package: 1480mm x 1020mm x 735mm, Gross Weight: 205kg

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