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The 60CM DTF Printer with Powder Epson i1600 New P602 purple

The 60CM DTF Printer with Powder Epson i1600 New P602 purple

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Elevate Your Printing Capabilities with the Innovative T602 DTF White Ink Printer


  • 60cm Printer DTF T602 (only the printer)
  • 60cm Printer DTF T602 with Shaker SD650 compact
  • 2 Head Epson i1600

Print Speed:

  • 7.5m/H, 6 Pass
  • 5.5 m/H, 8 Pass

Revolutionize Your Business Model

  • Affordable Investment, Significant Returns: Unlock the potential for substantial profits with a minimal upfront investment. Enter the lucrative world of high-quality printing without the financial strain.
  • Streamlined Manufacturing, No Plates Required: Embrace the simplicity of direct-to-film printing. This method eliminates the need for traditional plate-making, facilitating a more efficient production process.

Unparalleled Quality and Precision

  • Vivid Full-Color Printing with Realistic Effects: Achieve breathtaking gradients and lifelike prints with zero waste. The T602 ensures stable performance and pinpoint accuracy in every job.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Designed for simplicity, a single operator can manage multiple machines, saving considerable manpower and resource costs. Continuous innovation and development add even more value to your operations.
  • Advanced Color Management Software: Utilize cutting-edge software to perfectly capture and replicate complex design styles, ensuring your prints stand out in the market.

Dive Deeper into the T602 60cm Printer

Essential Specifications:

  • Model: The T602 is specifically designed for 60cm wide printing, accommodating a broad range of project requirements.
  • Printing Width: Supports printing materials up to 600mm wide, offering versatility for various applications.
  • Media Compatibility: Excellently suited for offset heat transfer film, the T602 can handle diverse materials from nylon to leather, expanding your market reach.
  • Speed and Accuracy: Print with high resolution up to 2880Dpi and speeds reaching 9.5m/H, enhancing your production efficiency.

Advanced Features for Optimal Performance:

  • Dual i3200 Print Heads: Achieve brilliant colors and deep whites for sharp, vibrant images every time.
  • Comprehensive Print Assist Tools: Benefit from features like plate heating and ink circulation that reduce downtime and improve print quality.
  • Space-Saving PC Assembly: The integrated computer and monitor bracket save valuable space, making it ideal for smaller work environments.
  • Automated Systems: Simplify your workflow with auto-lifting, feeding, and ink management functions, from start to finish.

Environmental and Technical Considerations:

  • Optimal Operating Environment: Designed to perform best in temperatures of 15-30°C with humidity levels between 35-65%.
  • Energy Efficiency: Operating on standard voltage with a power consumption of 800W, the T602 is both powerful and environmentally friendly.

Dimensions and Portability:

  • Compact and Convenient: Its design ensures easy installation and mobility within any workspace.
  • Lightweight Design: Despite its advanced capabilities, the T602 is surprisingly lightweight, making setup and relocation a breeze.

The T602 is not just a printer; it's a gateway to expanding your digital textile printing business. Embrace efficiency, quality, and innovation.

Our DTF Printer Selection

DTF Printer with Enhanced Power Shaker SD650:

  • Experience innovation with the NEW 60cm DTF Shaker.
  • Maximum film width support of 60cm (24 inches).
  • Upgraded tunnel mesh belt design prevents film from sticking.
  • Features both horizontal and vertical drying tunnels, enhancing the curing process with a longer 660mm drying stroke.
  • Mobility-friendly design, easily passing through 80cm wide doorways.
  • Compact build significantly cuts down on shipping costs.
  • Revolutionary powder control system reduces labor and minimizes powder waste.

Technical Specifications of the T602 60cm White Ink Printer


60cm White Ink Printer T602

Print Width:


Print Media:

Offset heat transfer film

Suitable for Transfer Media:

  • Nylon
  • Chemical fiber
  • Cotton
  • Leather
  • Swimsuit
  • Diving suit
  • PVC
  • EVA

Print Head:

Default i1600x2

Print Configuration:

Color + white (CMYK + WWWW)

Printing Accuracy:


Print Speed:

  • 7.5m/H, 6 Pass
  • 5.5 m/H, 8 Pass

Print Assist:

  • Front and rear arc plate heating
  • Platform suction
  • White ink circulation and stirring, all with ink shortage alarm
  • Anti-collision of nozzle
  • One key automatic cleaning
  • Integrated auto-lifting ink station
  • Built-in computer and monitor combined bracket, saving space
  • Multi-function operation keyboard

PC Assembly Function (Optional):

Built-in computer and monitor combined bracket, saving space

Automatic Lever Lifting and Paper Pressing Function:

One key automatic lifting pressure bar for platform feeding

Paper Shortage Alarm Function:

  • Automatic alarm when waste ink bottle is full
  • Paper shortage alarm during printing, automatic stop printing

Automatic Feeding Function:

Automatic tension discharging with probe induction

Platform Suction:

Adjustable suction size

Print Interface:

Gigabit network port

RIP Software:

P602 default combination is RIIN rip

Operating System:

Windows 7, Windows 10

Temperature and Humidity:

Optimal Operating Environment: 15-25°C, 35-65%

Electrical Parameters:

Rated voltage: 50Hz/60Hz, 220V 3.6A, 110V 7.2A
Rated power: 800W

Size and Weight:

Machine: 1336mm x 658mm x 1400mm, Net Weight: 154kg
Package: 1480mm x 1020mm x 735mm, Gross Weight: 205kg

Fast Comparison Between T620 and T602 New Model (this model) 

1. RIP Software:

T620 uses Flexiprint (Photoprint), P602 default combination is RIIN rip

2. PC and Monitor Bracket:

T620 comes standard with a PC and monitor bracket, P602 optional

3. Display Screen:

T620 has a large blue touch screen, P602 model has a small display screen with buttons

4. Automatic Moisturizing Function:

T620 includes an automatic moisturizing function module, P602 does not include this by default but it is optional.

5. Guide Rail:

T620 uses Japan's THK rail, P602 uses Taiwan's HIWIN guide rail

6. Paper Press Rod Operation:

T620 features one-click electric lifting and lowering of the paper press rod, P602 uses manual

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