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Silver Glitter DTF Film Heat transfer printing DTF PET Film

Silver Glitter DTF Film Heat transfer printing DTF PET Film

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Illuminate Your Creations with DTF Film Glitter Silver

Introducing the DTF Film Glitter Silver, a premium heat transfer film that brings a dazzling diamond effect to your designs. Perfect for elevating party attire or adding a touch of sophistication to social event merchandise, this glittering silver film transforms under the lights, ensuring your creations stand out with an unmatched sparkle.

Soft, Stretchy, and Colorful

Despite its shimmering appearance, the DTF Film Glitter Silver doesn't compromise on comfort. After the heat transfer process, the print texture remains soft to the touch and incredibly stretchy, conforming to the fabric's natural movement. Your designs will not only look fabulous but also feel great, providing a comfortable wear experience.

Durability That Lasts

Worried about wear and tear? Fear not. The DTF Film Glitter Silver has been rigorously washing tested to ensure its color and sparkle endure through numerous wash cycles. This durability guarantees that the vibrancy of your designs remains intact, wash after wash, making it an ideal choice for items that require frequent laundering.

Universal Compatibility

Whether you're working with an EPSON I 3200, XP 600, XP 80, 4720, or similar machines, the DTF Film Glitter Silver is designed to be compatible with a wide range of printing equipment. This versatility ensures seamless integration into your existing workflow, allowing you to produce high-quality prints without the need for additional investments.

Adaptable to Various Fabrics

  • Cotton
  • Cotton/Poly Blends
  • Polyester
  • Linen

With its multi-use design, the DTF Film Glitter Silver is suitable for almost all kinds of fabrics. Whether you're embellishing a pure cotton t-shirt or a polyester blend tote bag, this film adheres beautifully, providing a strong, vibrant finish on a variety of textile surfaces.

Application Guidance

The DTF Film Glitter Silver is engineered with a stronger peeling strength compared to other film products, which is a normal characteristic of its high-quality material. This ensures a secure bond between the film and the fabric, giving you peace of mind that your designs will stay put, even in the most demanding of situations.

Transform Your Textiles

Make a statement with the DTF Film Glitter Silver. Whether you're a professional printer or a textile artist, this heat transfer film is the perfect addition to your creative arsenal. Its ease of use, combined with its stunning visual effects, makes it a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of glamour to their textile projects. Don't just print—impress, with the unmatched brilliance of DTF Film Glitter Silver.

Embrace the sparkle and durability of DTF Film Glitter Silver for your next project and watch as your designs come to life with a radiant glow. 🌟

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