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Rainbow DTF Film Heat Transfer printing DTF PET Film Textil

Rainbow DTF Film Heat Transfer printing DTF PET Film Textil

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Unleash Vibrant Colors with Rainbow DTF Film

Step into a world where your designs come alive with the  Rainbow DTF (Direct to Film) Film. This innovative product is the key to unlocking a spectrum of colors, ensuring your prints stand out with a stunning three-color gradient and a mesmerizing rainbow effect. Ideal for professionals in the textile and printing industry, the Rainbow film is designed to elevate your products with its vibrant and reflective qualities.

Soft, Stretchy, and Durable

Experience the perfect blend of flexibility and durability. Even after the heat transfer process, the DTF Film Rainbow  maintains a soft and stretchy texture, ensuring comfort without compromising on the vibrancy of your prints. Tested rigorously for washability, this film promises to keep your designs looking fresh and colorful, wash after wash.

  • Soft texture for maximum comfort
  • Stretchable material for a perfect fit on any fabric
  • Colorful and durable prints that withstand multiple washes

Universal Compatibility

Whether you're working with an EPSON I 3200, XP 600, XP 80, or 4720, the DTF Film Rainbow  is compatible with a wide range of machines. It's versatility extends to fabrics as well, seamlessly adhering to cotton, cotton/poly blends, polyester, linen, and more. This multi-use film is a must-have for any fabric printing professional looking to expand their creative horizons.

Effortless Application

Applying the DTF Film Rainbow is straightforward, thanks to its strong peeling strength, which is a normal characteristic of such high-quality materials. The film's robust nature ensures a secure and lasting application, giving you peace of mind that your designs will remain intact through the rigors of everyday use.

Product Specifications

Launched in 2022, the DTF Film Rainbow has quickly become a favorite in the industry. Here's a quick glance at its impressive features:

  • Launch Year: 2022
  • Compatible Machines: EPSON I 3200, XP 600, XP 80, 4720, etc.
  • Compatible Fabrics: Cotton, Cotton/Poly Blends, Polyester, Linen, etc.
  • Special Features: Three-color gradient, reflective rainbow effect, soft and stretchy post-transfer texture, excellent wash durability.

With the Rainbow DTF Film, your designs will not just be seen; they'll make a statement. Embrace the full spectrum of possibilities and let your creativity shine with every print. Choose DTF Film Rainbow for your next project and watch as your designs capture the attention and admiration they deserve.

🌈 Transform your prints with DTF Film Rainbow – where every color tells a story, and every story is as vivid as the rainbow itself.

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