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Socks Printer TO80-210pro Cuztomise sock Digital Image

Socks Printer TO80-210pro Cuztomise sock Digital Image

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CO80-210PRO Advanced Socks Printer

Introducing the CO80-210PRO socks printer, a technological advancement in textile printing, featuring spiral printing with 4-roller technology. This upgraded model is designed to significantly enhance production efficiency, capable of printing up to 500 pairs of socks in an 8-hour day. It handles a variety of materials including polyester, cotton, nylon, and bamboo, ensuring that the print quality remains impeccable even when stretched, with no white bottom yarn exposure.

Vivid Color and High Fidelity Printing

Enjoy more vivid colors and higher color reproduction with the CO80-210PRO. This printer is perfect for creating socks that are not only rich in texture but also more appealing to customers. The freedom for sock designers is unparalleled as the printer allows for the use of diverse materials without the need for predefined patterns, enabling bold and creative designs.

Latest Technology and Software

The CO80-210PRO is equipped with the latest version of NS RIP software and includes two high-performance Epson I1600 print heads, ensuring superior printing accuracy and color reproduction. This printer isn't just for socks; it's also capable of printing on sleeve covers, wristbands, and other products, expanding its utility beyond traditional boundaries.

Detailed Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Model No. CO80-210PRO
Print Heads 2 x EPSON 1600
Print Mode Spiral Printing
Print Resolution 720*600 DPI
Maximum Media Length 65 cm
Production Output 50-80 pairs/hour
Max Output Diameter <92mm
Printing Height 5-10 mm
Media Type Polyester, Cotton, Wool, Nylon
RIP Software Neostampa
Ink Type Disperse, Acid, Reactive , Sublimatión
Voltage AC 220V 50~60HZ
Roller Size 73~92mm
Machine Measurements 2765*610*1465mm
Package Dimension 2900*735*1760mm
Operational Requirements Temperature: 20-30°C, Humidity: 40-60%
Ink Colors 4/8 Color options

Additional Features

The CO80-210PRO is not just robust but also comes with user-friendly features that enhance its operational efficiency. It includes a central control display for easy operation, nozzle heating to maintain consistent ink flow, and industrial-grade guide rails to ensure stability during high-speed printing. Its high-precision motors and customized slip ring enhance durability and performance, making it an excellent choice for high-volume production environments.

Embrace the next level of sock printing with the CO80-210PRO, combining speed, precision, and ease of use to meet the dynamic needs of modern textile businesses.

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