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Socks Printer T080 1200pro Cuztomise sock Digital Image

Socks Printer T080 1200pro Cuztomise sock Digital Image

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Digital printer CO80-1200pro Socks Printer

Introducing the Digital printer CO80-1200pro socks printer, featuring two Epson I1600 print heads for high printing accuracy and fast speeds. This printer supports a wide range of materials including cotton, nylon, polyester, bamboo, and wool, and can print not just socks but also sleeves, yoga clothes, scarves, underwear, and beanies. It's designed to meet diverse business needs with vibrant colors and unrestricted pattern designs tailored to personal preferences.

Efficient Production and Versatility

The CO80-1200pro is equipped with 3 rollers that can be used repeatedly, optimizing print operations and allowing for quick changes between prints. This model is ideal for print-on-demand products, capable of producing about 45 pairs of socks per hour.

Technical Specifications

  • Model Number: CO80-1200PRO
  • Print Heads: 2 x EPSON 1600
  • Print Mode: Spiral Printing
  • Print Resolution: 720*600 DPI
  • Maximum Media Length: 1200mm
  • Production Output: 50 pairs/hour
  • Maximum Output Diameter: <320mm
  • Printing Height: 5-10mm
  • Media Type: Polyester, Cotton, Wool, Nylon
  • RIP Software: Neostampa
  • Ink Type: Disperse, Acid, Reactive
  • Voltage: AC 220V 50~60HZ
  • Ink Color: 4/8 Colors
  • Machine Dimensions: 2930*580*1280mm
  • Package Dimensions: 3050*580*1520mm, 430kg

Advanced Features for Enhanced Printing

The CO80-1200pro features a range of advanced mechanisms designed to improve stability and efficiency during high-speed printing:

  • Industrial Guide Rail: Imported guide rails enhance stability during high-speed printing.
  • Drag Chain: Tank-type drag chains protect ink tubes and circuits, extending the printer's service life.
  • Servo Motors: Equipped with 4 servo motors, ensuring stable rotation and accurate printing.
  • Slip Ring: A slip ring prevents internal circuit entanglement during rotation.
  • Emergency Button: Provides immediate braking in emergencies to ensure equipment safety.
  • Ink Station: Maintains the nozzles in a moisturized state, preventing clogging and extending print head life.

Operational Efficiency and User-Friendly Design

The CO80-1200pro incorporates several user-friendly features that streamline the printing process and enhance the operational efficiency:

  • Adjustable Lifting Device: Allows adjustment based on the roller's diameter to maintain optimal distance between the print head and fabric.
  • Nylon Fixed Feet: Provides stability during operation, enhancing printing accuracy.
  • Control Panel: Independent button control panel for easy operation and monitoring of printing progress.
  • Adjustable Laser Positioning: Equipped with an infrared laser positioning system for precise pattern placement on socks.
  • Roller Placement: Includes a rack for placing rollers to facilitate quick changes and continuous printing.

This powerful machine is packed in a sturdy wooden package to ensure safe delivery, available for sea or air shipment. Contact us to customize your shipping and delivery preferences.

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