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Digital Sheet Cutter & Creaser for Stickers & Cardboards

Digital Sheet Cutter & Creaser for Stickers & Cardboards

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Revolutionize Your Production with the T-07A Digital Sheet Cutter

Introducing the T-07A Digital Sheet Cutter, a game-changer in the world of digital cutting and creasing. Designed for precision and efficiency, this state-of-the-art machine is the perfect addition to your production line, offering a seamless experience for cutting and creasing stickers, cardboards, and a variety of other materials. 🌟

Unmatched Precision and Control

With the T-07A, you gain access to an advanced 7-inch full touch screen that provides unparalleled control over your cutting and creasing operations. The intuitive interface ensures that every interaction is simple and effective, allowing for quick adjustments and real-time feedback. 🖥️✨

Software Integration at Its Best

Compatibility is key, and the T-07A excels with its versatile software support. Seamlessly integrate with professional digital cut software, including CutStudio and CorelDRAW/Illustrator plug-ins, to enhance functionality and streamline your workflow. 🔄

Connectivity for Modern Workspaces

Stay connected with multiple options including USB, U disk, LAN, and WiFi. Whether you're in a small studio or a large production facility, the T-07A adapts to your setup, providing flexibility and convenience. 🌐🔌

Innovative Features for Optimal Performance

  • QR Code Functionality: Utilize online and offline QR code mix cutting with an auto-finding feature for efficient and precise execution.
  • Robust Double Carriage Design: Experience a variety of cuts such as kiss, full, and dotted cuts, along with creasing and drawing, all while ensuring machine longevity.
  • Effortless Calibration: Adjust the CCD offset value with just one click, ensuring accuracy and reducing setup time.
  • Direct On-Screen Visualization: Monitor live images directly on the screen for immediate feedback and simplified operation.
  • Enhanced Cutting Technique: Enjoy smooth point-off cutting to protect your materials from damage during rapid carriage movements.

Performance That Speaks Volumes

The T-07A is not just about its sleek design; it's about performance. With a maximum cutting size of A3+ (330mm*483mm) and a cutting speed ranging from 15-1050 mm/s, this machine is built to handle demanding tasks with ease. The vacuum suction media hold method ensures stability, while the digital camera (CCD) positioning sensor guarantees precision. 🏎️💨

Designed for the Professional Environment

Professionals in the printing and stamping industry will appreciate the T-07A's robust construction and advanced features. The machine's power and working environment requirements are designed to fit seamlessly into professional settings, ensuring reliability and consistency in production. 🏭👌

Ready to Transform Your Production?

The T-07A Digital Sheet Cutter sets new standards in digital sheet cutting technology. It's not just a tool; it's a transformative solution for your cutting and creasing needs. Elevate your production capabilities and unlock the potential of your creative projects with this advanced machine. Invest in the T-07A and watch your efficiency soar. 🚀

For professionals seeking a high-quality, versatile, and efficient digital sheet cutter, the T-07A model is the ultimate choice. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Enhance your production today! ✂️📈

Model Name

  • T-07A

Cutting Control System

  • X-Axis: High-power brushless servo motor
  • Y-Axis: High-power brushless servo motor

Positioning Sensor Type

  • Digital Camera (CCD)

Control Panel

  • 7 inch capacitive touch screen

Number of Tool Holders

  • Double tool holders


  • Blade, creasing tool, and pen

Machine Performance

  • Media Hold Method: Vacuum suction
  • Scanning Code Type: Mark/QR code
  • Maximum Cutting Size: A3+ (330mm*483mm)
  • Scanning Speed: About 5s
  • Cutting Speed: 15-1050 mm/s
  • Cutting Force:
    • Creasing: 0-750gf (3gf Step)
    • Blade: 0-750gf (3gf Step)
  • Mechanical Resolution: 0.02mm
  • Programmable Resolution: HPGL0.025mm
  • Repeat Precision: ≤0.05mm

Cutting Media Types

  • Self-adhesive sticker, cardstock, PVC, PET, etc.

Software and Compatibility

  • Professional Digital Cut software, CutStudio, CorelDRAW / Illustrator Plug-in


  • USB / U disk / LAN / WiFi


  • Embedded Disk / Net Share

Power and Working Environment Requirements

  • Voltage and Current:
    • 100VAC-120VAC, 50/60Hz, Maximum current 6.8A
    • 200VAC-240VAC, 50/60Hz, Maximum current 3.4A
  • Power: MAX 350W
  • Voltage and Current (Vacuum Pump):
    • 110VAC, 50Hz, Rated current 12.4A, 60Hz, Rated current 17.2A
    • 220VAC, 50Hz, Rated current 6.2A, 60Hz, Rated current 8.6A
  • Operation Environment: Temperature +5°C to+35 °C (41ºF-95ºF), Humility 30% -75% (Non-condensing)

Dimensions and Weights

  • Actual Dimensions: L740mm* W790mm*H1360mm
  • Package Dimensions: L970mm* W970mm*H850mm
  • NW/GW: 117kg/140kg

This table provides a detailed overview of the T-07A model, highlighting its advanced features and capabilities for cutting and creasing a variety of materials.

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