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New 60cm DTF Powder shaker with lengthen drying oven Dp600

New 60cm DTF Powder shaker with lengthen drying oven Dp600

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High-Speed DTF Powder Shaker DP600

The DP600 is a state-of-the-art DTF powder shaker designed for high-speed printing with advanced drying tunnel extensions and power optimization. This innovative machine integrates multiple functionalities, making it an essential tool for efficient and high-quality textile printing.

Key Features

  • Appearance Upgrade: Comprehensive design upgrade reduces space usage and transportation costs, with packaging enhancements to prevent damage during transport.
  • Powder Sprinkling Upgrade: Improved powder spreading mechanism prevents issues such as slow powder flow, fast powder drop, and hole plugging when the powder is damp.
  • Operating Interface Upgrade: Enhanced color screen with new design simplifies operation and includes customizable power-on animation.
  • Powder Control Structure: Dual-sided structure blocks powder loss, maximizing utilization and minimizing worker intervention.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Medium Width 0-600mm
Applicable Medium Nylon, chemical fiber, cotton, leather, swimsuit, diving suit, PVC, EVA, etc.
Material Transfer Method Belt conveyor
Reel Function Automatic induction winding
Powder Spreading Control Powder shaking control, powder spreading control, direction and quantity control
Heating and Drying Function Front guide plate heating, upper drying and solidification, single row cold air cooling function
Electrical Parameters Rated voltage: 220V, Rated current: 21A, Rated power: 4.7KW, Energy consumption: 3-4.7KW
Size and Weight Machine: 1895*912*992mm, Package: 1600*1130*1113mm, G.W: 250KG, N.W: 200KG


  • Extended Drying Tunnel: Longer baking stroke increases the tunnel length, ensuring thorough heating and stable release film.
  • Reel Upgrade: Enhanced winding system ensures tighter and neater material handling.
  • Power Consumption Optimization: Optimized power usage for more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly operation.

Optimized Powder Control and Recycling

The DP600 features an advanced powder control mechanism with automatic recycling, ensuring efficient powder usage and reducing waste and labor costs.

Efficient Drying and Heating

Equipped with a front guide heating plate and an upper drying system, along with a single row of cold air cooling fans, the DP600 provides efficient drying and solidification for superior print quality.


Ideal for high-speed printing with advanced drying tunnel extensions, suitable for use with nylon, chemical fiber, cotton, leather, swimsuit, wetsuit, PVC, EVA, and more. Perfect for high-volume production environments requiring reliable and efficient DTF powder shaking solutions.

Enhance Your Printing Workflow with the DP600

Upgrade your textile printing operations with the DP600, offering advanced features and high-speed performance for professional-grade results.

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