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DTF Film Premium DTF Film Textil Printer and Plotter

DTF Film Premium DTF Film Textil Printer and Plotter

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DTF Film Premium DTF Film Textil Printer and Plotter

Fire-Resistant Transfer Film: Permanent, Non-Sublimating, and Durable

Fire-Resistant Transfer Film is a pioneering global creation, offering transferred patterns that are fire-resistant, permanently resistant to sublimation, stains, scratches, and chemical solvents. It works with the regular white ink transfer process, with a slight difference: after printing and transferring, it requires engraving using a Cricut film machine.

Main Features

  • Fire-Resistant Transfer Patterns: Provides a permanent, fire-resistant pattern that won't fade or sublimate.
  • Stain and Scratch Resistance: Permanently resistant to stains, scratches, and chemical solvents.
  • Durable Design: Suitable for firefighter uniforms, coal worker clothing, and other scenarios requiring durable resistance to dirt and stains.
  • Easy Application: Requires engraving with a Cricut film machine after printing and transferring.

Applications of Fire-Resistant Transfer Film

The versatility of the Fire-Resistant Transfer Film makes it ideal for a range of scenarios:

  • Firefighter uniforms
  • Coal worker clothing
  • Protective gear for hazardous environments
  • Custom workwear with non-sublimating designs

Benefits of Fire-Resistant Transfer Film

  • Permanent non-sublimating patterns
  • Fire-resistant, stain, and scratch-resistant designs
  • Durable and suitable for harsh environments
  • Easy to apply with regular white ink transfer process

Why Choose Fire-Resistant Transfer Film?

If you're looking for a permanent and durable solution for fire-resistant patterns, Fire-Resistant Transfer Film is the perfect choice. It provides unmatched stain and scratch resistance, delivering non-sublimating patterns suitable for any hazardous environment.

Enhance the safety and durability of your designs with Fire-Resistant Transfer Film today!

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