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"60cm All-in-One DTF Printer with Shaker & Powder"

"60cm All-in-One DTF Printer with Shaker & Powder"

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Revolutionize Your Print Shop with the 60cm DTF Printer All-in-One

Step into the future of printing with the 60cm DTF Printer All-in-One with Shaker and Powder, the ultimate solution that promises to transform your business's printing capabilities. This state-of-the-art machine is not just a printer; it's a complete direct-to-film printing system that integrates seamlessly with an advanced powder shaker, delivering prints that are not only vibrant and detailed but also incredibly durable.

Unmatched Quality and Speed

At the heart of this machine are the Double I3200 Heads, engineered to provide exceptional print quality at remarkable speeds. With a generous 600mm print width, this printer can handle a diverse range of print sizes, making it perfect for any project. Whether you're working with PET film, nylon, cotton, or leather, the 60cm DTF Printer is designed to optimize the transfer process across various materials.

Efficiency Meets Precision

Time is money, and with the 6-pass printing speed of 10 square meters per hour, you'll be delivering products faster without compromising on quality. The 3200/6400 dpi resolution ensures every detail is captured, while the 2-stage drying tunnel accelerates the drying process for a quicker turnaround.

Advanced Features for Superior Results

  • Print Assist Technologies: From arc plate heating to an auto-lifting ink station, every feature is designed to simplify your workflow and enhance print quality.
  • Powder Control: Achieve a flawless finish with adjustable powder settings, ensuring a uniform application every time.
  • Smart Connectivity: The Gigabit network port ensures fast and reliable data transfer, keeping your operations running smoothly.

Designed for the Professional Environment

With compatibility for both Windows 7 and Windows 10, this printer fits effortlessly into your existing setup. The optimized temperature and humidity settings ensure consistent performance, while the robust build quality means it's ready to withstand the demands of a busy print shop.

Seamless Operation and Maintenance

  1. Intuitive multi-function operation panel for easy control.
  2. Even powder spreading for a smooth finish.
  3. High-quality silent rail for quiet operation.
  4. Printheads anti-collision protection to prevent damage.
  5. Auto-lifting ink station for hassle-free maintenance.

Embrace the power of direct-to-film printing with the 60cm DTF Printer All-in-One. It's more than just a printer; it's a game-changer for your business. With its advanced features and unmatched versatility, you'll be able to take on more projects, promise faster delivery times, and produce stunning prints that will leave your clients in awe. Invest in the future of printing today and watch your business soar to new heights.

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