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60CM Dtf Oven OA380 Driyer DTF printing for Printer

60CM Dtf Oven OA380 Driyer DTF printing for Printer

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60CM Dtf Oven OA380

Revolutionary Design and Functionality: Experience the advanced capabilities of the 60CM Dtf Oven OA380, designed with a more scientific structure for enhanced precision in temperature control. This model is renowned for its rapid heating capabilities, enabling comprehensive width drying and curing without dead zones for superior solidification and fusion effects.

Smart Features: Comes equipped with automatic timing, counter, and buzzer alarm, making it highly efficient and user-friendly for all your printing needs.

Optimal for Various Applications: Perfectly suitable for 60CM film along with white ink printing ink & powder fuse curing, making it a versatile tool for specialized printing processes.


  • Name & Model: 60CM Dtf Oven OA380
  • Media Width: Max 600 x 430mm
  • Application: 60CM dtf film, ink and powder fuse curing
  • Control: Temperature & time setup, PID control
  • Electrical Parameters: Voltage: 220V, Current: 7.3A, Rated Power: 1600W
  • Dimensions: Machine: 820*538*167mm, Package: 887*600*220mm
  • Weight: Net 20.6 kg, Gross 22.6 kg
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