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FLATBED Sticker & Label UV Printer

FLATBED Sticker & Label UV Printer

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Discover the Pinnacle of Printing Precision with the 6090 UV Flatbed Printer

Elevate your printing capabilities with our advanced UV Flatbed Printer, the epitome of precision, quality, and durability in the printing technology realm. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, it features the exceptional EPSON - TX800 / i1600-U1 / i3200-U1 Print Head, ensuring every print is nothing short of extraordinary. Crafted from industrial-grade 6063 Aluminum and reinforced with high-strength metal plates, this machine is built to last.

Unmatched Precision and Quality

High-Precision Printing Technology

Equipped with state-of-the-art EPSON print heads, our UV Flatbed Printer guarantees unmatched clarity and detail in every print, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Industrial-Grade Durability

Constructed from 6063 Aluminum and high-strength metal plates, it offers unparalleled durability and performance, standing up to the most demanding printing tasks.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Performance

Intuitive Operation

A 7-inch capacitive touch screen provides a user-friendly interface, simplifying the printing process and enhancing productivity.

Superior Guide-Rail and Motor System

Features include a HlWN linear guide-rail and a Leadshine Digital Servo Motor, delivering high precision and silent operation.

Cutting-Edge Cleaning and Ink Systems

Efficient Cleaning System

An innovative up-and-down type cap station ensures long-term performance and stability.

Revolutionary White Ink System

The Stir & Cyclic System prevents ink sedimentation, guaranteeing smooth and consistent printing.

Comprehensive Specifications

Versatile Media Compatibility

Prints on a variety of rigid materials with a maximum height of 28CM, offering flexibility for creative projects.

Exceptional Printing Speeds

Delivers impressive speeds ranging from 4 m²/h to 10 m²/h depending on the mode, ensuring efficient production timelines.

  • 6 Pass Mode: Up to 4 m²/h with TX800, 6 m²/h with i1600-U1, and 10 m²/h with i3200-U1.
  • 8 Pass Mode: Achieves 3 m²/h with TX800, 5 m²/h with i1600-U1, and 8 m²/h with i3200-U1.

Connectivity and Software Compatibility

Supports a wide array of connectivity options including USB, U disk, LAN, and WiFi, and is compatible with leading software like Photoprint for seamless integration into any workflow.

Designed for businesses demanding the highest quality and reliability in print technology, our UV Flatbed Printer is the ultimate solution for producing vibrant signage, intricate artworks, and customized merchandise. Its combination of precision, speed, and color range brings your creative visions to life with stunning clarity and brilliance. Embrace the future of printing with our UV Flatbed Printer – where technology meets artistry.

Specifications include:

  • Print Head: EPSON-TX800/i4600-U1/i3200-U1
  • Maximum Material Height: 28CM
  • Printing Width: 60 x 90CM
  • Media Type: Rigid Material
  • Ink Type: UV Ink, offering a color gamut of 16.5 million colors with CISS Ink Supply
  • Printing Speeds:
    • 6 Pass: 4 m²/h (TX800), 6 m²/h (i4600-U1), 10 m²/h (i3200-U1)
    • 8 Pass: 3 m²/h (TX800), 5 m²/h (i4600-U1), 8 m²/h (i3200-U1)
  • Resolution: 2400/3200DPI
  • Software Compatibility: Photoprint, compatible with Windows 7 64bit or above
  • Power Requirements: 220v/110v 50Hz/60Hz 10A
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