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Edible PhotoCake Printer - Fast, Refinecolor A1 Food Printing

Edible PhotoCake Printer - Fast, Refinecolor A1 Food Printing

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Unleash Creativity with the Refinecolor Edible Food Printer – A Culinary Innovation for Professional Bakers and Chefs

Transform ordinary baked goods into extraordinary works of art with the Refinecolor Edible Food Printer. Designed for professionals who demand precision, speed, and versatility, this A1 Cake Photo Food Printing Machine is your key to unlocking new levels of creativity and customer satisfaction.

🖨️ Advanced Printing Technology

Equipped with three DX9 print heads and a staggering 3*1080 nozzles, the Refinecolor printer delivers crisp, vibrant images directly onto your edible creations. Achieve stunning print resolutions of up to 1440*1440dpi, ensuring that every detail of your edible images is captured with clarity.

🎨 Vivid Color Spectrum

With a rich color palette including multiple shades of cyan and magenta, your prints will pop with life-like hues. The big bottle refill inks system not only provides convenience but also ensures consistent color performance for all your printing needs.

🍰 Large and Versatile Printing Area

Maximize your productivity with a generous printing area of 60cm*90cm, accommodating a wide range of edible mediums. From small confectionaries to large cakes, the Refinecolor printer can handle it all with ease.

⏱️ Exceptional Speed and Efficiency

Time is of the essence in the kitchen, and this printer won't keep you waiting. With a remarkable printing speed of just 5 minutes for a 60cm*60cm area, you can swiftly move from design to delivery without compromising on quality.

🧊 Reliable UV Cooling System

The integrated circle water and fan cooling system ensures that your printer operates at optimal temperatures, prolonging the life of the UV inks and maintaining print quality even during intensive use.

🖥️ User-Friendly Software and Compatibility

The included Acro RIP software simplifies the printing process, allowing for easy management of your designs. Compatibility with Windows operating systems ensures a seamless integration into your existing workflow.

📏 Precision and Control

With automatic and manual height adjustment, the Refinecolor printer caters to media of varying thicknesses up to 20cm, providing you with the control needed for perfect prints every time.

Elevate your edible printing capabilities with the Refinecolor Edible Food Printer. Whether you're crafting personalized cakes, custom cookies, or unique chocolates, this machine is the professional's choice for quality, efficiency, and reliability. Embrace the future of food decoration and make your culinary creations stand out. Order now and watch your business grow!

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