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60CM Lengthened DTF Powder Shaker with Touch Screen SC650

60CM Lengthened DTF Powder Shaker with Touch Screen SC650

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Advanced DTF Shake Powder Machine SC650

The C650 is an innovative DTF powder shake machine designed for high-efficiency and high-quality textile printing. This advanced machine integrates powder spreading and drying in one seamless process, making it ideal for digital PET film printing applications.

Key Features

  • Universal Matching: Compatible with various media types, including nylon, chemical fiber, cotton, leather, swimsuit, diving suit, PVC, and EVA.
  • Easy to Use: The highly integrated visual display touch screen simplifies control, eliminating the need for dials, buttons, knobs, and switches.
  • Multiple Functions: No need for cutting or tearing, reducing manpower requirements and preventing material waste.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Available Width 0-600mm
Applicable Media Nylon, chemical fiber, cotton cloth, leather, swimsuit, diving suit, PVC, EVA, etc.
Powder Control Powder shack control, powder amount control, etc.
Heat and Dry Function Front heat plate, dry fixation, cold fans function
Take-Up Function Automatic inductive
Electrical Parameters Rated voltage: 220V, Rated current: 15A, Rated power: 3.3KW, Energy consumption: 2.3KW-3.3KW
Size and Weight Machine: 800*840*1082mm, Package: 1210*1050*1140mm, Wooden box: 49KG, G.W: 180KG, N.W: 140KG


  • Integrated Control: The visual display touch screen ensures efficient operation and reduces the need for extensive training.
  • High-Speed Performance: Optimized for high-speed printing, suitable for large-scale production environments.
  • Environmentally Friendly: No need for cutting, hollowing, or waste, providing a cleaner and more sustainable printing solution.

Optimized Powder Control

The C650 features advanced powder control mechanisms, ensuring precise powder application and reducing waste.

Efficient Drying and Heating

Equipped with a front heat plate and dry fixation, along with cold fans, the C650 provides efficient drying and solidification for high-quality prints.


Ideal for digital PET film printing and compatible with a wide range of media types, the C650 is perfect for high-volume production environments seeking reliable and efficient printing solutions.

Enhance Your Printing Workflow with the C650

Upgrade your textile printing operations with the C650, offering advanced features and high-speed performance for professional-grade results.

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